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Taste Utah!



 Take a bite out of Utah’s food culture with this entertainment / travel weekly series on ABC4 Sundays at 9:30 AM.

Join Katy as she showcases Utah’s vast culinary landscape and proudly highlight contributions to food through agricultural practices, conventional & unconventional farming methods, food communities, vacation destinations and what each unique local dining culture offers. Utah dining is the destination!

Taste Utah also offers an interactive website to inspiring culinary destinations and grow Utah’s food tourism to the world.  Visit for Utah’s food inspiration!

taste-utahFollow us on IG, Twitter and FB @TasteUtah, and stay tuned for upcoming episodes and features to come!

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And The Winner Of Utah ProStart TEEN Chef Masters is…

The Utah Restaurant Association is thrilled to announce the winner of Utah ProStart TEEN Chef Masters…

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.30.30 PM


Daniel Funk!

daniel Funk

And his incredible mentor chef….

Briar Handly of Handle Restaurant in Park City Utah!


Daniel Funk is awarded a 4 year scholarship to the prestigious

Johnson & Wales University

Mentor Chef Briar Handly wins a trip to the culinary capital Paris, France.

What an exciting first season for all aspiring teen chefs and Utah’s restaurant Industry.   We hope all TCM fans are eating out often and proud to support the rising talent in our great state.  Join us for a special Meet & Greet the teen cast of Teen Chef Masters during the 2016 Utah ProStart State Finals and Career Fair.  Stay tuned for season 2 Auditions coming this summer. Need to catch up on saeson 1 of Utah ProStart TEEN Chef Masters?  Click here to watch the entire season.





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Taste Utah Digital Magazine – Advertise With Us.

Check out the latest issue of Taste Utah Digital Magazine. Interested in receiving our industry publication Taste Utah Magazine in the mail? Send an inquiry to


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October President’s Message

I am thrilled to personally invite you to Taste Utah!
Taste Utah is the Utah Restaurant Association’s 2015-2016 marketing campaign, branding the great state of
Utah as the dining destination.
LEO_Logo_COLORS_vCS2Dear Utah Restaurant Association Members,

I am thrilled to personally invite you to Taste Utah! Taste Utah is the Utah Restaurant Association’s 2015-2016 marketing campaign, branding the great state of Utah as THE dining destination.

We’ve been in production this summer for our first leg of the campaign, a reality culinary competition show, “Utah ProStart Teen Chef Masters” based on our Utah ProStart Program. Utah ProStart is one of the most successful programs in the nation and we are excited to highlight it. This show will feature mentor chef ‘s Chef Viet Pham, Chef Logen Crew, Chef Briar Handly and is hosted by URA board member Matt Caputo. The winning teen chef will receive a four-year scholarship to Johnson & Wales University.


In conjunction with this exciting new TV show “Teen Chef Masters” is our new 2015 “Let’s Eat Out” commercial campaign encouraging consumers to “Get Tasting Utah!” In January 2016 the URA will invite the world to Taste Utah, in a new television series highlighting “dining is the destination” as representatives from the URA visit many of you around the state to share (on TV) all the incredible culinary offerings throughout the great state of Utah.

Of course, we are always working tirelessly to represent you on all fronts with top state officials, policymakers, and local political leaders discussing issues affecting our industry.

The URA is working on the 2013 food code which includes meeting with state and local health departments. Adoption of the food code will create uniform food safety regulations for the entire state to include procedures for food handler permits and training. The URA is building industry together.Our ServSafe classes are always available to you every Wednesday, and ServSafe Food Handler Permits are nearly ready for on-line accessibility.

*Additionally stay tuned as we reveal an exciting face lift coming to our website and the BIG CHANGE


To read our full Newsletter
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Governors 12 Point Plan

As part of an ongoing review by Gov. Gary Herbert’s office regarding the improvement of UDABC customer service and employee
working conditions, the URA is following the topic closely.
After reviewing all 44 state-owned liquor stores and interviewing more than 70 employees, improvements have been identified
to be made in three key areas:

1. Improving communication and trust between the DABC management and individual stores.
2.  Meeting customer demand.

3. Improving customer service.

We value the Governor’s proactive efforts in gathering data and the additional recommendations for improvement:

●  Reduce product shortages and overages.
●  Improve  programs that clear out slow-moving products and replace them new or introductory items.
●  Explore the possibility of specialized products inventory stores where feasible.
●  Refine the special ordering system.
●  Make the purchasing experience faster.
●  Allow store personnel to assume an increased role with inventory management.
●  Create a mechanism for the employee suggestions and feedback.
●  Identify ways to meet demand and improve customer experience for restaurants and other vendors.
●  Other steps include staff development, training and measurement processes.
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Commercial Advertising On TV

The URA is pleased to announce 15 second & 30 second commercial spots available to your food service business at a fraction of the regular price.  Because of an exclusive partnership with local FOX affiliate KSTU and the airing of the URA’s two food- themed television shows… we are passing the savings on to you.
A package 26 commercials: 
● Airing at 15 seconds in length    
● Total Package Price  $2700.00

A package of 26 commercials: 
Airing at 30 seconds in length   
Total Package Price  $3200.00

Please contact the URA ASAP if you are interested in getting your brand, business and content on Utah television programming for 2015-2016.

If you need help producing a commercial please contact our marketing team members

Katy: and Jami:

 *Pricing reflects URA membership.  If you are not a URA member contact our office about joining today.
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The EMV (that’s EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa)
Liability Shift Will Take Place Oct. 1, 2015.


By Chester Ritchie, NCR Merchant Solutions

After the date above, restaurants that do not have EMV-enabled payment terminals will be liable for chargebacks on counterfeit chip cards used in their establishment. Between the bank that issued the card, the restaurant accepting the card and the payment provider processing the card, whoever is least prepared to accept EMV will be held accountable.


Unfortunately, the impending EMV transition has turned into a market grab. Third-party payment companies, solution providers and hardware manufacturers are using the liability shift to spread false information and scare restaurant owners into rushing purchasing decisions they aren’t ready to make. Those decisions could have harmful, long-lasting implications on their operations.
While it’s important to eventually make the transition to EMV to avoid liability and minimize risk, restaurant operators should proceed with careful consideration to avoid falling for third-party scare tactics.

Here are the Top 5 restaurant EMV myths, debunked:

MYTH 1: EMV is required and will be enforced by a government or security agency.

If you’re a restaurant operator in the U.S., no government agency or industry association requires you to implement EMV. You will not be fined if you do not integrate EMV terminals by the Oct. 1 “deadline date.” It is your decision as a business owner whether or not, when and how to implement EMV.

MYTH 2: EMV is required for restaurants looking to become PCI-compliant.

You do not need to implement EMV to be compliant with Payments Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). While EMV can be one component of a larger data security strategy, it is neither required nor mandated by PCI DSS. Implementing EMV also will not automatically make you PCI compliant.

MYTH 3: Once a restaurant implements EMV, it can no longer accept mag stripe cards.

Magnetic stripes on credit cards are going to be with us for quite some time. In fact, new chip cards will also have magnetic stripes for this very reason. If you’re EMV-ready and a customer pays with an older mag stripe card, simply swipe it through your new payment terminal’s card reader. Regardless of whether or not you’ve integrated EMV into your POS, you’ll be able to take all credit cards in your restaurant.

MYTH 4: EMV protects restaurants from a data security breach.

Implementing EMV alone will not protect your restaurant from a potential breach. While EMV helps to prevent counterfeit card use, it’s not the end-all, be-all of restaurant data security. There are measures you can put into place beyond EMV – such as encryption, tokenization and automated fraud checks – that will give you better protection and peace-of-mind.

MYTH 5: EMV will achieve rapid, widespread adoption by both card issuers and other restaurants.
Industry experts estimate only 20 to 30 percent of cardholders in the U.S will have new EMV-ready cards by Oct. 1. Moreover, it will take at least three to five years for EMV to reach full acceptance in the U.S., and in Europe, adoption took much longer. Know that it will take a while for everyone to finally transition to EMV, and that you won’t be left behind if you choose to wait until after Oct. 1. You assume greater liability, but you can also assume more control over the transition to EMV than some would want you to believe. It’s important to separate fact from fiction and make the right decision for your establishment.
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URA’s Industry Expo & ProStart State Finals


Tuesday March 17, 2015  9:00am-4:00pm Expo & ProStart® State Finals

5 Classes/Panel Discussions

  The URA is honored to host 5 prestigious panel discussions with several of Utah’s leading professionals in specialized fields related to the food service industry.  The panel discussions are available free of charge for all industry professionals to attend.

Don’t  miss this rare opportunity to grow your business with tools & information that will make the difference!


Utah Liquor Laws 101

Meva Sine President Of The Utah Restaurant Association
Julie Wilson Of Deer Valley Resort
Fred Boutwell Of Gastronomy & Chairman Of The Industry Advisory Committee
Marketing Strategies Playing The Field

Beth Young From FOX 13
Doug Kruith From City Weekly

Toby Eborn Of Pole Vault Media


Industry Trends And What’s Hot

Featuring :
Matt Reynolds from U.S. Foods
Craig Romney from Nicholas & CO
Duane Reed from Sysco


Regulatory Agencies Sustaining The Industry

Stephne Hanson From UDABC
Kelly Christensen From Utah Health Department
Derrick Smith Of The Presidio Group
Dennis Brunetti Of Renegade Oil


Scholarships / Culinary Education Panel
Kim Mediana From Johnson & Wales University
Bob Bourdette From SLCC
Tuesday March 17, 2015  9:00am-4:00pm  FREE ADMISSION
Exhibit At The Expo
 Experience The Expo
 Education & Community At The Expo

 ProStart State Championship

Office: 801.274.7309
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