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The Utah Restaurant Association is Thrilled to Announce a Partnership with Workers Compensation Fund Of Utah and A Workers’ Compensation Program Designed for URA Members!

A Workers’ Compensation Program Designed For URA Members


The Utah Restaurant Association has endorsed WCF Insurance(WCF) as the carrier for URA members’ workers’ compensation coverage.
By combining benefits designed to meet URA members’ needs with traditional services, the program offers the most comprehensive workers’ compensation package available.


Eligible and enrolled URA members qualify for a 5% discount on their workers’ compensation Premiums.


Members have account service teams that work with the company to develop and implement a custom-tailored service plan that meets your needs.


Participating URA members are required to comply with program provisions, including attendance at two industry-specific safety classes or seminars annually. To help meet this requirement, WCF’s Safety Department offers FREE seminars exclusively for members in addition to classes already offered throughout the year.


WCF offers the most convenient and exceptional claims management in the state. Claims can be filed at or by phone or fax. Members can also utilize WCF’s secure website to view filed claims, print loss runs and access other policy-specific information.


URA members are also eligible to obtain Employment Practices Liability Insurance and Data Breach Coverage.

Ask your insurance agent or marketing representative for more details.

Remember, the ONLY way your business is eligible for this incredible program is through membership with the Utah Restaurant Association. The URA values it’s members and strives to provide such incentives and programs through innovative and strategic partnerships as the Workers’ Compensation Fund.

Don’t hesitate to contact:


Chris Swensen
Vice President Sales and Marketing


Melva Sine
CEO / President

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The Utah Restaurant Association in partnership with Utah Business Magazine hosted the annual “Restaurant Industry Awards Dinner” Tuesday, May 24, 2016 in the Grand America’s Grand Ballroom. The Awards Dinner honors professionals working in the Utah Restaurant Industry. It also affords the opportunity for busy owners, chefs, operators, employees, vendors, ProStart teachers and students, businesses and industry allies to gather in support and celebration of one another and the food service industry. Below is a full list of award recipients for 2016. Congratulations to all our award recipients and our industry for an incredible year of growth, community and success.

URA Heart Of The Industry Awards
Employee of the Year: Sasha Gray –  Lagoon
Employee of the Year – Front of the House: Maria Bawden – Litza’s Pizza
Employee of the Year – Back of the House: Kendra Begay – Even Steven’s
Chef of the Year: Chef Dave Jones – Log Haven
Bartender of the Year: Scott Gardner – HSL

New Concept Awards
Quick Service: Jersey Mike’s Subs
Fast Casual: Pizzeria Limone
Fine Dine: HSL Restaurant

Lifetime Achievement: Jeanie Palmer – The Pie Pizzeria
Golden Spoon Award (Restaurateur of the Year): Eric & Scott Slaymaker
Silver Platter (Industry Ally): Utah Business Magazine & Sam Urie
Hall Of Fame: Tom Guinney – Gastronomy Inc.
ProStart Teacher Of The Year: Rebecca Sagers of Fremont High School
Sysco Intermountain ProStart Scholarship: Hailey Jefferies of Bonneville High School


BAKE 360, Ballard Hog Farm, Beehive Cheese, Beltex Meats, Benja’s Thai & Sushi, Billy Blanco’s, Black Sheep Cafe, The Bluebird Restaurant, The Buffalo Grill, Chili Beak, Communal, The Copper Onion, Even Stevens, First Frost Farm, Grub Steak Restaurant, Handle,  J&G Grill, Log Haven, Malena’s Cafe, Maddox Ranch House, Mandarin, Market Street Grill, Mazza, Mesa Farm Market,  Milt’s Stage Stop, Milt’s Stop & Eat, Moab Brewery, Morgan Valley Lamb / Jones Creek Beef, Mountain View Mushrooms, Naked Fish Japanese Bistro,  Roosters Brewing Co, Rosehill Dairy, Slide Ridge Honey,  Solstice Chocolate, Stone Ground Bakery, Sunglow Cafe, Taqueria 27 and Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli.


Green Team Mentor chef: Briar Handly

Team:  Daniel Funk,  Darby Gundry,  Alex Ghilchrist, Nena Carlstrom


Blue Team Mentor Chef: Logen Crew

Team: Xander Melandez, Sage Rieben, Samantha Anderson, Katie Jensen


Red Team Mentor Chef: Viet Pham

Team: Hallie Mckell, Madeline Black, Lauren Ostler, Gabriel Orullian



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State Of The Industry : Legislative Session 2016


The 2016 legislative session has shaped up to be one of strong positioning for Utah restaurants. We had a bit of damage control to do early on in the session but are continuing to make lasting relationships of trust with our political allies at the Utah State Legislature. Please keep in mind that the URA is moving our issues forward with patience, understanding that the political process is one that moves slowly and must be handled with care and respect. The Utah Restaurant Association has been making a difference in Utah politics and for our industry for over 70 years. We understand the legislative process and represent you as one of the most respected trade organizations working with legislators on the hill today. We are taking proactive measures working with local organizations as well as state lawmakers to help protect restaurants best interests on a daily basis at the local, state, and national levels.

The issues to promote and protect the restaurant industry are broad and far reaching. The URA continues to address the need for meaningful improvements to Utah’s liquor laws. We are always arduously working on representing the restaurant industry in the finest light possible. We are also tracking nutrition bills, health codes, usage fees, taxes and we constantly and consistently tell our restaurant industry story as one of the strongest and largest contributors to not only Utah’s economy (4,600 locations with over 110,000 employees and sales that are now $3.4 Billion) but the world economy as a whole. The URA is well aware and fully understands the urgency at which small business owners, restaurateurs and patrons would like to see policy changed but this is a process. Working together as a strong united voice with respected representation the URA will do more than chip away or throw rocks, together we are strong enough to bring down any barriers that make it challenging to do business. I urge those of you that would like to understand more fully the legislative process to call our office and join our efforts.

The 2016 session was one of “do no harm”. With a $42 million dollar shortfall from expected revenues, lawmakers were scrambling to get a budget finalized. The budget was not actually approved until late on March 7, 2016. The URA ProStart program was highly prioritized and received full funding. ProStart is now fully implemented in over 62 of Utah’s High Schools and we have more requests for the 2016-2017 school year. The Utah Tourism industry maintained their $15 million dollar appropriation to promote the state of Utah. The URA sponsored legislation aimed at improving the issuance of a Utah drivers license. The request was to require that a young person must acquire an adult drivers license when they turn 21 regardless of when they receive their original license. If a young person obtains a license at the age of 16 then they must re-new when they are 21 and receive an adult license however if they wait past their 16th birthday, then they can still be using a MINORS drivers license even though they are an adult. The fiscal note on the bill was high and the bill was abandoned. HB 251 became very controversial and the restaurant industry in the state had very differing opinions on the use (or non-use) of non compete agreements. HB 251 was negotiated in the final days of the session and passed on the last day!

If you want information on these or other legislation of interest to you, don’t hesitate to call the URA office and we can provide you a status update. The URA is already working on issues for the 2017 session so please let us know if you have issues that you would like to be addressed.

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Taste Utah!



 Take a bite out of Utah’s food culture with this entertainment / travel weekly series Fridays on Fox 13 12:30pm.

Join your hosts Katy and Jami as we showcase our state’s vast culinary landscape and proudly highlight Utah’s contributions to food through agricultural practices, conventional & unconventional farming methods, food communities, vacation destinations and what each unique local dining culture offers. Utah dining is the destination!

Taste Utah will also include a innovative, interactive website as we introduce Utah to inspiring culinary destinations and grow Utah’s food tourism to the world.  The website will launch January 29, 2016 along with the airing of the first Taste Utah Episode.


taste-utahVisit our instagram account @Taste Utah, and stay tuned for upcoming episodes and features to come!

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And The Winner Of Utah ProStart TEEN Chef Masters is…

The Utah Restaurant Association is thrilled to announce the winner of Utah ProStart TEEN Chef Masters…

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.30.30 PM


Daniel Funk!

daniel Funk

And his incredible mentor chef….

Briar Handly of Handle Restaurant in Park City Utah!


Daniel Funk is awarded a 4 year scholarship to the prestigious

Johnson & Wales University

Mentor Chef Briar Handly wins a trip to the culinary capital Paris, France.

What an exciting first season for all aspiring teen chefs and Utah’s restaurant Industry.   We hope all TCM fans are eating out often and proud to support the rising talent in our great state.  Join us for a special Meet & Greet the teen cast of Teen Chef Masters during the 2016 Utah ProStart State Finals and Career Fair.  Stay tuned for season 2 Auditions coming this summer. Need to catch up on saeson 1 of Utah ProStart TEEN Chef Masters?  Click here to watch the entire season.





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Taste Utah Digital Magazine – Advertise With Us.

Check out the latest issue of Taste Utah Digital Magazine. Interested in receiving our industry publication Taste Utah Magazine in the mail? Send an inquiry to


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October President’s Message

I am thrilled to personally invite you to Taste Utah!
Taste Utah is the Utah Restaurant Association’s 2015-2016 marketing campaign, branding the great state of
Utah as the dining destination.
LEO_Logo_COLORS_vCS2Dear Utah Restaurant Association Members,

I am thrilled to personally invite you to Taste Utah! Taste Utah is the Utah Restaurant Association’s 2015-2016 marketing campaign, branding the great state of Utah as THE dining destination.

We’ve been in production this summer for our first leg of the campaign, a reality culinary competition show, “Utah ProStart Teen Chef Masters” based on our Utah ProStart Program. Utah ProStart is one of the most successful programs in the nation and we are excited to highlight it. This show will feature mentor chef ‘s Chef Viet Pham, Chef Logen Crew, Chef Briar Handly and is hosted by URA board member Matt Caputo. The winning teen chef will receive a four-year scholarship to Johnson & Wales University.


In conjunction with this exciting new TV show “Teen Chef Masters” is our new 2015 “Let’s Eat Out” commercial campaign encouraging consumers to “Get Tasting Utah!” In January 2016 the URA will invite the world to Taste Utah, in a new television series highlighting “dining is the destination” as representatives from the URA visit many of you around the state to share (on TV) all the incredible culinary offerings throughout the great state of Utah.

Of course, we are always working tirelessly to represent you on all fronts with top state officials, policymakers, and local political leaders discussing issues affecting our industry.

The URA is working on the 2013 food code which includes meeting with state and local health departments. Adoption of the food code will create uniform food safety regulations for the entire state to include procedures for food handler permits and training. The URA is building industry together.Our ServSafe classes are always available to you every Wednesday, and ServSafe Food Handler Permits are nearly ready for on-line accessibility.

*Additionally stay tuned as we reveal an exciting face lift coming to our website and the BIG CHANGE


To read our full Newsletter
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Governors 12 Point Plan

As part of an ongoing review by Gov. Gary Herbert’s office regarding the improvement of UDABC customer service and employee
working conditions, the URA is following the topic closely.
After reviewing all 44 state-owned liquor stores and interviewing more than 70 employees, improvements have been identified
to be made in three key areas:

1. Improving communication and trust between the DABC management and individual stores.
2.  Meeting customer demand.

3. Improving customer service.

We value the Governor’s proactive efforts in gathering data and the additional recommendations for improvement:

●  Reduce product shortages and overages.
●  Improve  programs that clear out slow-moving products and replace them new or introductory items.
●  Explore the possibility of specialized products inventory stores where feasible.
●  Refine the special ordering system.
●  Make the purchasing experience faster.
●  Allow store personnel to assume an increased role with inventory management.
●  Create a mechanism for the employee suggestions and feedback.
●  Identify ways to meet demand and improve customer experience for restaurants and other vendors.
●  Other steps include staff development, training and measurement processes.
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Commercial Advertising On TV

The URA is pleased to announce 15 second & 30 second commercial spots available to your food service business at a fraction of the regular price.  Because of an exclusive partnership with local FOX affiliate KSTU and the airing of the URA’s two food- themed television shows… we are passing the savings on to you.
A package 26 commercials: 
● Airing at 15 seconds in length    
● Total Package Price  $2700.00

A package of 26 commercials: 
Airing at 30 seconds in length   
Total Package Price  $3200.00

Please contact the URA ASAP if you are interested in getting your brand, business and content on Utah television programming for 2015-2016.

If you need help producing a commercial please contact our marketing team members

Katy: and Jami:

 *Pricing reflects URA membership.  If you are not a URA member contact our office about joining today.
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