Frequently Asked Questions

Membership in the Utah Restaurant Association offers benefits to all restauranteurs vendors, purveyors and restaurant service providers.  We offer training, resources, membership savings, legislative representation statewide and nationally, marketing support and affiliation with the premier Restaurant Association in Utah, and membership in the National Restaurant Association.

Become a member today!  Call us, and we will help guide you to your new membership in the Utah Restaurant Association.

Utah leads the nation in an exciting, thriving, growing ProStart Program.  With over 70 schools enrolled, we encourage your school to get involved.  Call the Utah Restaurant  Association at 801.274.7309 and visit the ProStart page on our website to be informed.

Call the URA offices to schedule a recertification exam.  If you want to attend the ServSafe course again, please register in the Training tab at the top of our website.

ServSafe is valid for three years in the state of Utah.  ServSafe certification is the most respected and honored food safety certification in the U.S.

By clicking the create an account feature on the ServSafe website here , you will have access to your certificate and test results at your convenience.  When you register for the ServSafe test and course, be sure to enter your email address and information correctly- this is how ServSafe will link to your account.

The Utah Restaurant Association Food Handler Course and Exam may be accessed in the
Training tab at the top of our website.

Utah’s liquor laws can feel intimidating for owners, employees, and guests. The URA is
tirelessly representing the voice of the Utah restaurant industry and building influential strategic
partnerships that best support Utah’s needs. For information specific to Utah’s liquor laws, visit
the UDABC:

You can access the ServSafe Alcohol Online Course and Exam in the Training tab at the top of
our website.