ProStart depends on a strong relationship between educators, administration and the

local restaurant community. To help foster that relationship, ProStart is administered

through partnerships with state restaurant associations.

The Curriculum Can be Implemented Within Any Scheduling Constraints 
This flexible curriculum includes lab activities and chapters that can be divided up to work in 45-minute class periods or in a block schedule.

The Materials Can Be Implemented in Any Classroom Setting
There are no equipment requirements. Activities can be conducted in a family and consumer sciences kitchen or an industrial kitchen.

Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts is a Complete Curriculum 
Resources include everything from print and electronic textbooks and a companion website for students to a teacher’s wraparound edition and assessments for educators.

Review the requirements of being a ProStart school listed below here:

⁃ Purchase and use ProStart materials in their entirety

⁃ The school must be approved by the Utah Restaurant Association ProStart Coordinator to implement the ProStart program

⁃ Market/implement the work/internship component of the program to

⁃ Work with the Utah Restaurant Association to recruit industry partners

⁃ Market the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement to students and parents

⁃ Administer the national ProStart exams to students who are interested in earning a certificate

⁃ Attend educator training for the ProStart program

⁃ Provide fall updates on the number of students in program, the number of students working, etc.

⁃ Provide assistance with long-term tracking/metrics of students who graduate from the ProStart program at your school

⁃ Inform students of the scholarship opportunities available to them through NRAEF

Contact your state restaurant association ProStart coordinator to find out if ProStart is a good fit for your school.

Purchase Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts materials here.

After being approved by your state restaurant association, register online for access to

the ProStart educator community and exams.