As part of an ongoing review by Gov. Gary Herbert’s office regarding the improvement of UDABC customer service and employee
working conditions, the URA is following the topic closely.
After reviewing all 44 state-owned liquor stores and interviewing more than 70 employees, improvements have been identified
to be made in three key areas:

1. Improving communication and trust between the DABC management and individual stores.
2.  Meeting customer demand.

3. Improving customer service.

We value the Governor’s proactive efforts in gathering data and the additional recommendations for improvement:

●  Reduce product shortages and overages.
●  Improve  programs that clear out slow-moving products and replace them new or introductory items.
●  Explore the possibility of specialized products inventory stores where feasible.
●  Refine the special ordering system.
●  Make the purchasing experience faster.
●  Allow store personnel to assume an increased role with inventory management.
●  Create a mechanism for the employee suggestions and feedback.
●  Identify ways to meet demand and improve customer experience for restaurants and other vendors.
●  Other steps include staff development, training and measurement processes.